Monday, March 14, 2005

Men, Men Every Where!

The Pic above is a preity good description of the blog sphere white and male, where have all the woman gone?

Simple really, they are out shopping or chatting with their friends, men and woman like to communicate in different ways.

For men Bloggin is about getting information out there, its a case of "Hay look at me I know something you don't". We don't care if their is a response we don't care how long it takes to get one.

We don't need a response to see if some has been to are blog we have 2 or 3 tecno methods of seeing page hits and time spent on are site's.

Women on the other hand like nothing better than chatting, instant gratification. If I asked a man how his day was 1st he would wonder what was wrong, then I could expect the response to be a one word grunt.

But if two woman asked each other this they could chat for ever, this is why there are not that many well known women bloggers, If they do blog its more of diary.

Which realistically only F&F are going to read, there are still very few woman who politically blog, as for the race question?

That's an easy one two lets face it white people are not very family oriented, you could be married and you spend all night on the PC and she spends it watching TV, where as in other cultures there is more of an emphasis on family, they don't need to spend four hours a night on a PC to fill up their lives, they already have actual lives.

In sort blogging was invented by male White's for male White's why would you expect it to appeal to any one else?


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Laura said... white hubby parks it in front of the tv and I am the blogaholic. :)
But the majority of my blog readers are F (don't know about the other F, but I am thinking NO).