Saturday, March 12, 2005

Google Make's Evil Happen

Matt Mclister has asked a few of the more influential bloggers for their opinions upon the whole google autolink debate, The only problem I have with the autolink debate is that it's the bloggers doing the debating while Google sit's on it's hands.

The AutoLink debate seems more like the catalyst for venting frustration in a perception shift than a real complaint about the technology. Google was once the enabler of open market conversations, a doorway to a future where innovators could circumvent the establishment on the way toward improving the world we live in. But there's something about this new feature that changes all that.

Product launches such as Orkut, Gmail, Image Ads, and Google News all stripped away the once-thick varnish of credibility and trust that Google commanded amongst the digerati. They bought closed software tools companies like Blogger and Picasa. And then Google went public. The true intentions of the company's founders became obvious to everyone. They want to be rich! How rude!

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