Tuesday, March 15, 2005

State of The Blogosphere

Over Sifry's Alerts there is a whole host of stats on the growth of the blog coumunity world wide.

Technorati is now tracking over 7.8 million weblogs, and 937 million links. That's just about double the number of weblogs tracked in October 2004. In fact, the blogosphere is doubling in size about once every 5 months. It has already done so at this pace four times, which means that in the last 20 months, the blogosphere has increased in size by over 16 times.
Now one thing I don't get about Technorati, What is it? Ok that makes me sound stupid I have signed up and logged in, "claimed my blog".

But no where on the Technorati site does it tell you what they do? The only thing I could work out was I also needed at Del.icio.us account.

I know Technorati has something to do with tags, but what and how is it useful? They really need and FAQ.

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Wes said...

Well what can I say I did ask, so there is nothing to do with tags?

From what I had read on other blogs I got the impresion you where some how ment to be taggin external links to other site's.

Technorati and tags are mentioned hand in hand all the time, after reading It makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.