Saturday, March 12, 2005

Training Video

Over on the Megatokyo forums where I lurk in the darkness, one of the forumits was searching for a video of a martial arts training session, ofcurse I had it on my HD.

I am such a hoarder, If I see any thing I like I save it. I know that even if you bookmark something or and it to, that does not mean it's going to be there next time you look for it.

Once I saw this video of some sort of karate tournament, this guy was filming his friend in a gymnasium or something. Then some cheesey anime OST song was played over it, and the friend started doing some karate moves, and it was really amazing! He was doing all sorts of flips and stuff, like a roundhouse kick into a backflip. It was really amazing to watch, and I was wondering if anyone had it.

Have you seen anything, or done anything that was really amazing? Maybe it got captured on tape?

Provide links, and discuss the amazing things people randomly do!
Posted by Shu-ChaN

So here just for you lot is the video, it's only on my free DSL space so don't know how long it will stay up, so If any one knows some where else that is hosting it, leave a comment with the URL please.

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