Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Back To Google

Well come on now how could I not post about Google?

More controversies over Google Toolbar (God the Blogsphere is like a dog with stick),

So I saw this the other night about 1am, at the time there was no response to it over on Boing Boing but it was starting to rank highly in the Blogdex, So I thought one to watch.

Now Corry has responded, on how he would feel having Google advertise his book's ISBN's. Ofcourse he would like them on every site the more books he sells the richer he is. I would have said that, that bleeding obvious.

He quotes this statement over on EFF which I find quite strange, I had also found this before Corry quoted it (Agian thanks to Blogdex). Is the EFF getting some sort of help from Google for it's support of Google Autolink? Has Google promised to sponsor a HDTV card like you and I would a Panda?

Some of you may remmember the code I linked to that would strip out Autolinks. Which I still think is a bad idea, there only aim is to commoditization the internet.

There are only two other ways I can think of to protect against Auto link,

The first is stupid, make every word on your site a link.

Second, Use flash to publish your site so stopping Google.

I think you better off with this code thou.

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