Friday, March 04, 2005

Tales Of Future Past

Looks at all the broken promises that word made my pundits in the past, about he wonderful word of tomorrow we are meant to be lining in now.

After all we are meant to be in space and have colonized other worlds, by now and yet we have not even been back to the moon.

(Some even say we never went)

We still lambast around are little planet trying to kill each other, because we can and we have not even got to the point where the worlds resources are so low that we are going to have to go to war over them.

Governments my regret moving all production o the 3rd world when they get held to ransom of resources.

But I digress or maybe The disillusioned attitude of the sites creator has infected me, after all we know so much is possible. The problem is we also no so much is kept back by big business by the likes of the MPAA and RIAA. Or more closer to home BT I know some one who works for BT who said to me two years ago! That BT could give every one 27meg BB tomorrow the tec was there yet we are still stuck with 2 meg at best and even then for a rip off £40 a month.

Maybe you should not go here look what 30 minute visit has done to me, but then again I was skeptical bitter and twisted when I went. You may be able to go to the dystopia with out side effects.

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