Friday, March 04, 2005


accessTunes makes it easy to access your music anytime, anywhere. accessTunes starts sharing your iTunes Music Library as soon as you turn on your computer, making it available as a shared iTunes library on the local network, and accessible from anywhere in the world via the Web.

With accessTunes, you can listen to your roommate's music even if he doesn't have iTunes open, or listen to music from your home computer at work, even if you're on a PC.


  • Starts sharing music at computer startup, even before you login.
  • Shares music via iTunes Music Sharing and the Web
  • Password protection for both iTunes and Web sharing.
  • Can share your entire library, or just a few playlists.
  • Reports what songs are currently being streamed.

accessTunes supports any Mac running Mac OS 10.3 or later.

I like the idea after all If stuck with only being able to play your purchased itunes on 3 pcs then why not play them on one PC but send the stream to many PC's. Get round that pesky old DRM.

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