Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Smile That Says Where You’re From

While we British smile by pulling our lips back and upwards and exposing our lower teeth, Americans are more likely simply to part their lips and stretch the corners of their mouths.
Interesting research, it would appear that when we in Britain smile we mean it, where as in America they have fake smile...

By contrast, Keltner found most Americans had the far less expressive “Pan-Am smile”, named after the defunct airline’s gesture of welcome. This depends only on the zygomaticus major corner-tightening muscle and has also been called the “Botox smile” because, like the cosmetic treatment, it leaves the muscles at the corners of the eyes motionless.
This is probably to do with American cooperate culture being forced to smile 400 times a day at total strangers. When you have no actual reason to smile, will give you a fake smile and it's not surprising that this would carrey on into your personal life and eventually become your only smile.

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