Sunday, March 06, 2005

Have You Got Mash?

(Don't ask. I spent 40 min looking for a good pic)

Ever since finding DJ EarWorm, I have slowly but steadily been sucked into the world of mashups.

I had previously been put of mash ups after listing to the MTV2 mash ups CD which was just awful!

But I have to Give props where it's due, Dj Earworm has the 1337t 5kz133, to make it happen.

No One Takes Your Freedom Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama vs. The Beatles - For No One vs. George Michael - Freedom '90 vs. Aretha Franklin - Think

Is brilliant! But I have since moved on to Go Home Productions, home to Mark Vidler with what has to be the best Mashup I have heard to date, Karma in the life. (The Download Page)

For any one who wants to find out more about Mark Vidler there is an interview with Twenty Questions that you can read here.


Altought the two site's I have linked to here are ok, some of the site's they link to seem to be infested with Virus's. While downloading I have been infect 5 times now, luckily I have Norton so Have been auto cleaned ASAP. The rest of you should be away to make sure you are update before downloading.

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