Saturday, March 05, 2005

Happy Slap Video Meme


"On the same day in January that papers first published the Basra torture photos, they also reported on a "sick craze" sweeping London's schools called "Happy Slaps". Young people film each other slapping or kicking unsuspecting members of the public, or each other, while announcing: "You have starred on Happy Slap TV."

They text these mini-films to their friends, and before long they are being watched by schoolchildren up and down the UK.", BBC "Humiliation on film".

"Police say they are targeting young people involved in a new trend of assaults in which they "slap" commuters in the face for no apparent reason.", BBC "Police targeting 'slap' attackers".

It could have been worse they could have brought back you've been Tangoed. Then again at least kids only used to do that to each other not total strangers.

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