Thursday, March 10, 2005

Army Frowns On Dungeons And Dragons

It turns out that if your an Israeli and play Dungeons and Dragons, then when you come to do you national service. That you wont be give much security clearance as your apparently, They're detached from reality and susceptible to influence,” the army says.

This makes me laugh surely the ones who play Dungeons and Dragons which is huge in Israel, would make the best soldiers after all with their ring of disarm trap +5 they would make great bomb disposal experts.

But on a more serious not surely they are the ones who are most capable of thinking out side of the box. There ability to play a game using nothing more than some cards and dice and then to crate a world in their head.

They may hover be susectible to being seduced by woman but then again what man is not?

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eliotj123 said...

Wow Wes. Please check your spelling/grammar/structure/etc. This post is barely legible.