Sunday, January 23, 2005

The wow's Of WOW

News of's decision to pull its game of the year award is spreading. The real question is are we expecting to much from WOW's creator blizzard. Are they right to say that are demands, of "all ways on" server's are ridiculous.

Wired news tries to answer this question by comparing World of War Craft to a ADLS and VOIP, but really, don't blizzard only have them selves to blame after all any one of the 13 year olds who play WOW could have told you that, this was going to happen.

The fan base for games based on the Warcraft series of games is huge and blizzard had already been warning that they may not have enuth games for the UK and that people should buy early to make sure they got their copy, while they where only just releasing in the USA.

Now surely if they are expecting to have problems on a tiny ireland like the UK they should have been able to foresee the problems in the USA?

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