Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Obsidian Order: A Very Special Effect

The Obsidian Order: A Very Special Effect

With all the recent talk about the relationship between tradition news media outlets and Bloggers. I think the above link shows bloggers at their best. Using multiple sources to check out the validity of a photograph and its discription.

Many millions will have seen the photograph on TV and excepted it at face value. Where as bloggers have sort out the truth and proved the photograph to be a setup designed to strike fear into the hearts of those how would vote for a free Iraq.

What we need are more Blog's like this and less about My cat, If Bloggers are to be taken seriously, when something like this is discovered it is not enuth to put it on one site. It needs to be published, after all if just said to you go on the internet at randomly to day and find something you did not even know you where looking for in the 1st place, or what you where looking for, you would probably end up at kelkoo or eBay.

So why don't you email your local news corporation to day and let them know about this blog, knowing its a fake may just give someone the courage to go out and vote.

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