Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Tokyo Unplugged

I was over on the Flickr Blog ( and they had an article about one of their user's call MATT who took some pictures in Tokyo. Your best going to the site for the full storey all thou the below quote explains it pretty well,

"Wait. Let me get this straight.

A guy from Scotland goes 5490 miles to Tokyo and takes a picture of a girl taking a picture. She turns out to be from England, 413 miles away from him.

Impressive, but not all that weird.


He posts the picture he took on a Website (in Canada, irrelevantly) and within 6 weeks the girl in the photo finds it?

That is truly amazing."

What was more interesting to me thou was the this gallery linked to in the article (I am the sort of person who leaves no link unclicked (Thank god for Firefox's Tab's). The shots of the local inhabitants of Tokyo are well worth a look. They are, well I don't know what to say, Let's just say there are worth the time to have look at them.

While browsing I found this which I just HAD to post!

Maybe it's the emptiness, or maybe its the contrast of her eyes but it just really stands out.

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