Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Free ipods comes to the UK

At last is now in availbe in the UK. We all now that it works in the USA it's even been on the bbc. The only down fall being that, we live in rip off Britain so we get rip off

For a start it's only an ipod mini, second but most importantly you will be paying for your free ipod in the UK. I signed up last night to see what it is all about.

There is no easy ride with the UK web site. Many of you know about the American site. Sign up for two or three offers keep them for a month and cancel them and the offers are free trial's.

Not so in the UK the offers mainly involve you moving phone companies or signing up for BT broadband. Out of about 12 option's avaible I can only see people actually using 2 or 3 of them. You can applie for the American express Blue card or join one or both of two casinos.

Now it does not stop there you would have to spend £10 on each of the casino web sites before they will send conformation that you have signed up for their offer, or in the case of the credit card spend 500 quid in the 1st year to avoid charges.

Now if I can find 5 people who will sign up with me as there referee and they complete the offers I will do the two casino ones as they are the only ones I can go for as none of the other offers are applicable to me.

I will let you know how it goes or if any one has gone through the process please leave a comment and I will get intouch and maybe you could Wright about your experiences for every one else to read.

I have tried searching for info but you only get 2 pages of result's from google on the UK freeipods and most of them are links to the free ipods page or forum post about it from august.

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