Monday, January 24, 2005

Last Episode Of Battlestar Galatica

Ok so I could net let it pass without commenting that tonight on sky1 at 8pm the last episode in the 1ST series of Battlestar Galatica will be broadcast. Just don't forget to set those VCR's, Altought I am sure within 6 hours it will be available on the net to download for those who don't live in the UK, as the USA is only up to Episode 3.

As sky is rumored to have put up any where up to 50% of the budget for the show on the condition that it was shown in the UK 1st to combat the internet problem. As so many shows are shown sometimes up to a year in advance in the USA. The core audience in the UK is just going and getting them off the net.

Which is not good for ratings, but when you are a pay TV network it is not good full stop. SG1, Atlantis, Battlestar and many other scifi shows are the main reason many people bother to get sky, as far as they see it why pay up to £40 a month for TV that they can get off the internet advert free up to a year before it is on sky. You may as well pay for Broadband At £15 to £33 a month and get any program as soon as it is broadcast any where in the world.

The only solution to this problem is global release dates for all TV and movies, It is something the internet community has been calling for, for a long time it just makes sense.

Lets face it the industry hypes these films and TV shows for months before they air, Then you get all your movie guide shows telling you the top ten in the USA and their like "well this really cool fill is number one in the USA and it will be out here in 6 months time, But you know if you don't see it people wont talk to you any more and your life will fall apart at the seems.".

So what do they expect people to do but search out a way to see it sooner which is most definitely a possibility on the internet. They only have them selves to blame for getting people all hyped up and saying you must see this now! Then saying but by the way were not going to let you see it for 6 months because you live on the wrong side of the planet.

If you go the official scifi boards they are full of people from the UK posting spoilers about the show, as well as many Americans complying that the show was not shown there 1st. Which is part of the problem American's are so used to getting everything 1st that they just expect it.

We in the rest of the world have long had to put up with spoilers for shows. If you go to the Scifi Boards all the spoilers are marked as such. I can guarantee that if it was shown in the USA 1st this would not be the case.

In the end the industry will have to adapt to a global release date, if they don't people will just continue to pirate, and they will be the ones who suffer in the end.

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