Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Battlestar Galactcia Mod For Homeworld

Well with all the interest in Battlestar Galactica it had to happen at some point every one is talking about BSG based games, like the ps2 one and how they wish there was something more space based.

This got me to thinking about an old mod I was involved with based on BSG for Homeworld by Sierra. Sure enuth after a quick trip to the Relic Forums they are all talking about a new BSG mod for Homeworld 2, which I think would be grate.

I have posted a link to the old mod on the top right in the links section so it stays at the top. I warn you know it's about 5 years old and has about 8 ships some are not fully textured, If at all but I thought I would put it up for any one interested in having a play.

The vipers are in it and work fine along with the Cylon fighters and the Cylon Basestar. There is also the old colonial movers ship which replaces the ion cannon frigate. A Cylon refueling ship, alltought it think was actual from the Colonial fleet.

Just read the readme here are the ships and the slots they take up.
R1 Gemini Freighter Carrier (Needs front texturing)
R1 Mineral ship Resource controller (Needs completely Texturing)
R1 Colonial Movers Ion Cannon Frigate
R1 Vipper

R2 Cylon Raider Light Interceptor
R2 Cylon Raider Heavy Interceptor
R2 Cylon Battle Star Carrier

These are the only two serving screen dumps I have from the old web site. PIC1 PIC2
Both shots are of groups of Basestar's there was more at one point but only pics 17 & 18 seem to still be on my HD.

EDIT ********

I new I had it some where just found the BSG as a seprate zip file will put it up in the links section too.

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