Friday, January 14, 2005

Truck Trouble

So I final get the car (truck) I have allways wanted, after haveing 3 people drive into the back of my 206 in a year! Only to find out it has quite a bite of vibration in the stering wheel. So i take it to nisssan to see what they think, only to find out that it's not even a uk truck its an import and does not have any warrenty in the uk, unless I give them £60 +vat, To register it in the uk.

At this point I should mention that i got the truck 2nd hand 1 year old in a private sale. It turns out the guy I baought it off went to his local dealler and jsut said that he had lost his manual and did they have replacment one, and so got a uk manual covering up the fact it was an import truck. Becuse its a private sale and i never asked if it was inport i have no come back but really it does not make a lots of diffrence just alot of hastle.

After paying nissan £60 to do the tracking which they said would fix it, no diffrince they then said it need a full wheel aliment which would cost another £170 at this points I walked out, My dad had a word with a one of his mates who sent me to Maghull 4X4 who to their credit spent 2 days looking at and servcing it for £280 (which my dad paid for Chirsimass Ohter wise it never woudl ahve been done) They then said they had no idea but to try Crosby Nissan and see if it was know issues, They had no clue and said "once they go out we never see them again, they dont brake" Well except mine.

So I ring up Maghull 4X4 and they recomend a whell place that just does 4X4's but dont know where it is but know some one who does. So evently I find my self on the dock road looking for BJR who have a new fangiled machine.

Now they where the nicest people i have met told what they where going to do had me stand and watch gave me computer print outs of what was wrong with my car and print out's of the work they had done. £100 well spent i thought untill after an hour of drving round liverpool alltought the orrdie vibration was gone the wheel jercked vilontly from left to right between 45 and 60.

So i went back they had said coem back if it was not right, they where fine about me bringing it back as they where drving it in they happend to go on full lock, on full lock it makes a orrid sound, they admintly claimed that something called the CV joint was gone and i woudl need a new one, I wne tback to nissan at this point paying the £75 they wanted was not bad To get uk warrenty and get it fixed. But they said no nothing wrong with the joint just 2 brush needed oiling for 11 quid. Now i coudl have done this but i can live with the creek and i refuse to give liverpool nissan any money. I could not be bothered to go back to BJC after feeling like they tried to ether fob me off, so they did not have to look at the truck again or over charage me for parts i did not need.

I any one knows a way to solve this please please tell me?

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