Sunday, January 23, 2005


An interesting map of the USA, for many of us out side of the USA all we see is the RED V Blue state maps. The Urban Archipelago shows the results on county-by-county map which is far more interesting, As is easily seen the blue bits of the map are far smaller than the red.

The Blue is ofcurse the city's and the red is country side, the site features a very long article about why this might be my favorite quote being,

Outside of the city, elitism and snobbery are code words for literacy and complexity. And when the oil dries up, we're not going to be turning to priests for answers--we'll be calling the scientists. And speaking of science: SCIENCE! That's another thing we're for. And reason. And history. All those things that non-urbanists have replaced with their idiotic faith. We're for those.

Not that I can say that I have read the whole thing there is a lot to get throught but if your are an American you may be more willing to make the effort and read all the way through it.

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