Saturday, January 15, 2005

Taking A Step In The Right Direction

CNN Reports that

"On Thursday, Miller -- along with fellow teachers and scientists -- cheered a federal judge's ruling that ordered the Cobb County school board to immediately remove the stickers and never again hand them out in any form."

Over a sticker on science book which teaches about evolution, the stickers say, is "a theory, not a fact.

"ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- Since 2002, Dr. Kenneth Miller has been upset that biology textbooks he has written are slapped with a warning sticker by the time they appear in suburban Atlanta schools. Evolution, the stickers say, is "a theory, not a fact.""

This is just another example of the far religious right trying to block out science so they can teach the black magic of their god.

After all we are living in the 21st century its well proven that the Darwin theory of evolution is fact.

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