Monday, January 17, 2005

ipod's, ipod's Every Where, And Not A Drop To Drink

To continue the theme below, can you image a world where the only MP3 player was an ipod?

What if the only product was an ipod?

Is ipod, and apple destine to take over the world?

Are we destined to live in a mono culture?

Destined to face extinction, at the slightest change in are environment due to over specialization, are we too, to share the fate of the dodo, are we just waiting for a Dutch sailor with a big club?

But there is away to hide among the iPod's you can hide the fact that you don't own an ipod

Thanks to this link over at FSKlog Print it, glue it, stick your mp3 player inside, and no one will ever know the difference, and when the iPod eaters from outer space arrive quickly shead your old skin like a snake, and reveal your true colours.

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