Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Naked Blog + Op + 48Hours Down Time

Ok there's a lot to get into this one post so lets get started.

In fact there is so much to get done to day, that I have got straight out of the bath to start this, today is busy, busy , busy. I even have Rammstein on so I must want to get stuff done to day.

There will be no updates of the site after 10pm GMT time tonight for at least 48 hours if not maybe 70 hours. Depending on my my operation goes tomorrow I have to be in hospital at 8AM in the morning. So ofcurse every thing I have been putting off, has to be done today.

Not going in for any thing serious just a Pilonidal Cyst, but this is my 3rd op in year now, over the same thing. Bringing my grand total time off work to about 40 weeks. Unforunalty I am in the minority of cases that start of with a serious infection. I ended up losing a stone in a week and being rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to cut it out of me.

Any way it should be fine this time and I should be home on Friday afternoon, as they only have me down for an over night stay, but last time I bleed so much I was keeped in hospital for an extra day, So we will see what happens this time.

So I have to pack for 2 or 3 days in hospital, clean my room which is mess after walking JD on the beach the other day(JD1, JD2, JD3), there is dried sand every where. My rooms a mess (the pics are off my phone so the quality is not to good),

The mountain of paper work just keep's on coming and that bin needs to go out,

All that ironing still needs doing,

What looks like a black line on the floor in the middle is little mountain of dirt on the floor, I soo need to hover.

Later on befor I go to bed I am going to post about the Free ipods uk web site. For now I have put up a link on the top right for now.

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