Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Four-week wait for iPod Shuffle

I can not sleep and my eye's are tired so what better thing to do than browsing the web. I came across this on CNN.

Apple has done it again another must have product where demand out strips supply. Ofcurse you would think they would know how many they where going to sell, and so make enuth, but then again apple delivers every last order on time, does not make head lines or generate interest in your product.

Not yet released in the UK for general sale unless up buy from apple by the looks of it. There is a good article over on about the pros and cons of the device.

Basically it boils down to a no frills ipod or and alternative for those of you who run. I remember when I had my Mini disc player and went running in the gym I had to put it on the machine next to me to stop the skipping.

For those of you who are considering importing them the USD price is $99 on the apple website which works out at 53.4347 GBP over on which works out cheaper than the current price Amazon has them for £69.00. For now it looks like you could save at most £5 to £10 by importing one.

If your the type that likes to see inside and what makes things work over on apple Matters they have taken one apart. So you don't have too not much to see really but interesting never the less.

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