Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Saturday Links

Rather than wright 4 separate posts about these websites. I am just going to dump them altogether in one big one.

1ST Bunny Suicide!

Hilarious, ok well while it did not make me laughed out loud, it did make me laugh in my head. Some of deaths take a little longer to work out than others but are well worth it. More of website that makes you go "O yeah".

2ND Exeem

Is now out in beta, what's that you say never heard of Exeem?

Exeem is the new P2P software from the creators of Suprnova was shut down voluntarily after receiving legal threats from the RIAA. At the time it was the biggest and BEST torrent website on the net.

Started by 16 year old Sloncek from Poland, many mourned at it's loss, but all where assured that it was for the grater good. After all it was not that hard to find Sloncek as the local paper did regard him as a hero and had published a map to his house.

We where promised Exeem and that to stop the RIAA from taking his PC and all the Exeem code, it was better to let go of suprnova to protect the future of the scene.

Now available in open beta go get your self a copy I am sure many in the P2P scene will be going out off there way to make it better than was. After all the Suprnova forum was, formerly the largest Invision Power Board in existence, a community that large does not just disappear.


There has been quite a lot in the blog sphere about this mainly by American's. In an effort to teach children in the USA about tolerance and diversity, but for some reason American's, being American's think that the video is some how trying to convert the children over to the dark side and that one of the characters in the video SpongeBob is gay.

The creators of the show denie this but SpongeBob is held as gay icon, as he regularly holds hands with his sidekick Patrick. Which in America is enough to make you a threat to society, as they know it.

Of curse all of this follows on from the contravisty over Tinky Winky in 1999.

4TH Natural Phenomena Named After Frank Zappa

It would appear that scientist's seem to have thing for Frank Zappa. After having a Gene, fish, jellyfish, Mollusc, spider and a planet named after him.

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