Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yahoo Wii on Flickr users!

Yay its started already yahoo is using Flickr users photos to sell crap on We all said they where EVIL! But now we have it in glorious technicolor.

All images tagged with "Wii" where showing up in the little flickr stip on this Yahoo whoring site where they try and make a few bucks off recyled Wii news, even one's that had all rights reserved.

This has hit Digg but at only 200 or so Diggs, it doe's not seam to be as outragous as forcing us all to use y! Id's.

The fall out on the Flickr froums can be read here, with talk of class action law suits against flickr thou I doubt any one with the new yahoo TOS could ever sue them, but mabye old skoolers with the old flickr TOS could?

Thanks to SteveFE—Old Skool Flickr says up yours Yahoo!'s Who took the screen dump above, for alerting the flickr comunity. Which has now started to label all pics with the Wii tag. If you look at the above pic on Flickr in large you can see the subversion.

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