Monday, February 19, 2007

Chines New Year, Year of the Pig

Chines New Year Pigs
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Well on sunday it was the year of the pig, this year it is the year of the fire pig, an especially auspicious year that only comes round every 60 years.

Chines new year unlike the pagen new year we celebrate in the west, starts on the first day of the new year containing a new moon this means that it tends to be in the last week of jannuary or the first two weeks of feb (thou very very rearley can be in the 3rd week of feb).

All this got me to thinking what my chines sign is, so I had a quick look on the net and wiki (OFC) and I am a Metal Monkey.

After reading up about the Metal Monkey and their trates I had to admit it did sound a lot like me, thou I am very concered about one of the later trate's in the list for Metal Monkey's on wiki,


* The West
* Autumn
* The Planet Venus
* The Color White
* Respiratory system & Lungs
* Determined, Self-reliant
* Unyielding, Strong
* Persistent, Forceful
* Emocation, Suicidal, pleasure
* Reserved, Needs Personal Space

'Governs' Monkey, Rooster, Dog

In case you can not guess which one freeks me out lets make it stand out "Suicidal". Hum tbh I would not care so much but I have to say every last trate on the list is me down to a T.

Every room I have been left to decorate my self has always been plain old white, I definatley need my personal space, am very recerved untill I get a bottle of vodka inside me.

God my name even means "West Field", I have never liked beeing out in the sunny and always prefered the cooler Autumn.

But then I also guess you read as much or as little in to these things as you want.


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