Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy, Chinese New Year!

Dragon Eat Ball!

I was out and about to day in Liverpool for Chinese new year and thought i would share a few of my shots with you.

Taken from the roof of the Far East, I remembered they had a car park up there, I used to go the Far East all the time when my Granddad was a live, I am sure he used to know the owner or something as we always ended up sitting at the biggest table in there surrounded by 3 huge fish tanks.


I nearly did my ankle in jumping back down off the way god it was scare, tip for the future take step ladder, one journalist ended up handing his camera to the kids on the wall to take shots for him.

Nice idea, shame about having to hang on for dear life.

There must have been around 40 people at least involved in following the fire works cage around, that thing had more security than the queen!

Cages make the world Safer

The Dragon seamed to make an emergence pit stop at one point to fix the head and every one ran down in front of it to take some photos, So thought may as well do some crowd shots, who watches the watchers and all that..

Who Is watching the Watchers?

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