Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's WAR!

Chav's! V The Goths, (who would have thought you could find such interesting stuff while searching for porn on google images) Agenda Inc has picked up this great bit, about the Chav's and Goths of Peterborough.

unfortunately it seams the goths are destined to lose these dawn battles, as by there very nature the Goths are allergic to sun light and only come out at night.

But Mr Mayes admits there is one small problem: most of the goths were so laid-back they couldn't get up in time for the war games. Six cried off yesterday morning. "We've got more chavs than we have goths because they couldn't get out of bed," he said. "They've probably been smoking too much pot."

LOL, This so for fills that old British stereo type of stop war at 4pm for tea, "Dude can we delay the war till like 9, We where up all night smoking some dope".

(I would have got you a better pic, but surprisingly I could not find a pic of goths and chavs in the same place at the same time, wonder why?)

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