Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It Crowd

I know I probably link to Boing Boing far more often than any one should, But there just so good at what they do one can not help, ones self.

If you love the IT crowd, thou why they could have not just called it the I.T crowd, must be some sort of witty southern irony.

Any way you can Dl this Off the Channel 4 web site, or if you want to keep it and watch it again and again, you get the torrents off boing boing, well linked to from them, and the eps are on the net the week before they are on TV :)

At least channel 4 is trying something new, I will give them credit for that but crippling the eps so you can not save them is stupid cos all it means is that people go round them and their crappy software.

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