Monday, September 12, 2005

BBC Lie's Over Public Response to Petrol Blockade

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If you click on the image above you will see the front page of the BBC's Online news page.

Fuel protests 'causing no panic'

Is one of the lead stories,

There are no signs of motorists panic-buying at petrol pumps ahead of planned refinery blockades, fuel retailers have told BBC News.

Except for the fact that in Liverpool, There is mass panic buying, long queues petrol rationing, by retailers, limiting the amount you can buy to £20 and ASDA has sold out of petrol in all of its stations in Liverpool.

Why is the BBC misreporting the news? and so blatantly?

There can only be one answer, they have been asked/told by the goverment to play down the fuel protests to try and weeken public support for them.

All I can say is that I am out raged.

I have already made use of this form to contact the BBC about the accurcey of their reporting, I would ask that you please do the same.

You will need this URL
To complain spacificly about this artical.

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