Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Adam zombie

adam zombie
Originally uploaded by Pumpkin Patch.
"the zombie call:
" You know those nerdy Cegep kids who run around on the mountain during Tam Tams fighting with duct tape weapons?
We're trying to recruit an army of slow, dumb annoying zombies to go and attack them, just to see what happens. We're meeting for a potluck at 1:00pm, putting on makeup, dirty clothes etc., and then going out to do battle. You're heavily encouraged to prepare some zombie clothes beforehand (rip up some old clothes and smear them with dirt), and bring makeup if you have it. "

the following are illustrations of just how awesomely the whole thing played out..."

What happens when geeks attack!

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who combines politics and Star Wars simply rocks. Heck, your name is Wes too, what more do you need?!