Monday, October 15, 2012

League of Legends

Ok So I been playing League of Legends for a few months now and hit level 30 the other week and I love it!

Which I dont say about many things, now for the rub, If i can refer 25 peeps who play till level 5 I can get a free skin (change the way my char looks but not the stats).

LOL is free to play, and you can not pay to win which is good, cash only buys you new skins, something I thought I would never do, but have since ended up buying two.

cottontail teemo, above

and full metal rammus

Now Skins dont make you grate at the game, but one thing i and many others have noticed is that if you have game with people who have skins V a team with out skins then the skins team tends to win. This has nothing to do with having skins i think its just that the people with them tend to comit more to the game and have decided to invest cash into a free game.

IF you fancey giving it a go for FREE! please use my link below to sign up.


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