Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Evening Star's rare path across the sun

In 1772, the French astronomer royal, César-Francois Cassini de Thury, wrote: "It won't be until 2012 that the transit of Venus will be nearly as advantageous as it was in 1769." Well, it is 2012 now. Go to a hardware store and buy yourself a sliver of shade 14 welding glass. Then, on 5 or 6 June, without having to take any of the risks faced by 18th-century astronomers, witness from your doorstep one of the great wonders of the scientific world: the last transit of Venus of the 21st century.
It will be a Long, Long time after I am dead before this happens again, this is probley most peoples only chance to see this, The next transits will be in 2117 & 2125.

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