Thursday, May 17, 2007

DRM Die's A Death Even Before It Gets To The Shops!

Just in case you didn't already piece it together, many (if not all) of the new HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles set for release on May 22nd will feature the latest revisions to AACS. Right, the update hinted at by those forced user updates to the WinDVD and PowerDVD software. Yeah, well no worries... it's cracked. That's right, a week before the disks have even hit the shops, the kids over at Slysoft have already released AnyDVD HD (beta) which kicks AACS MKB v3 swiftly to the curb. Thus you can continue to rip all your newly purchased HD DVD and BD flicks for playback any damn way you like. The update has already been demonstrated to work with an early-shipped release of The Matrix Trilogy on HD DVD and will likely work for Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest when it arrives on Blu-ray. Come on AACS LA, you're gonna have to at least try. Better yet, why not just give up this silly charade.
Hehe all I can say is that if any one deserves to lose millions of $'s its the MPAA and Hollywood, they treat customers like shit, I am sick of going the cinema and being told not to steel the film or tape it to take pictures of it and watch it on the net.

I mean come on I am the one who is paying to see the thing in the first place so why are they lecturing me?

Whats even worse is the crappy footage they claim to be what pirated DVD's are like, making it look like your watching it on a Mobile phone when we all know that you can get DVD quality footage off the net.

If they insit on over charging and covering the product in DRM then they deserve nothing but death.

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