Monday, April 16, 2007

Curse of the Golden Flower

I have just come home after watching Sony's "Curse of the Golden Flower". All I can say is I have never been so disappointed. The fact that there where only two people in the cinema should have said it all.

The film its self is fine, it is the way it is marked that is the problem, If i could have found the UK trailer for you I would have posted a link.

The UK Trailer basically sells the film as a war between an King and Queen of two different lands and the queen seams to have a tone of gold, or some magical way of making gold, or a flower that grows gold, any way she has a shit load of gold and he wants it and they go to war over it.

Instead you get a long drawn out love storey which just board me to death, any way if you where planning to see this film based on the UK trailer on TV then i would say think again.

The only good thing about seeing this film was the novelty value of being able to talk all the way thought it rather that sitting in silence.

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