Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dutch Tub

I love the Dutch Tub, Its just one of those products that scream's, you must buy me!

The Dutch tub is basically a hot tub that work's, by starting a fire in the spiral at the side.
This heats the water, connected at the top and the bottom of the tub, the cold water is drawn in the bottom and the hot water flows out the top.

You can even add a barbecue to the fire and cook while your in the tub or waiting for it to heat up.

The tub has a handy Lid to let you super heat it, with a bar area on the side and a bottle holder for your wine what more could you ask for?

It comes in, Light blue, Pigeon blue, Ocean green, Reed green, Dark grey, Tub orange Above, and has to be my fav colour.

Now for the very hard bump back down to earth, the £3,030.50 price tag means that its not exactly cheap, but I am sure its worth every penny.

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