Friday, November 11, 2005

No More DRM

Well If you have not read about, the whole SONY DRM thing, where the hell of you been?

Under a rock?

Many prominent geeks are now vowing never to buy DRM crippled crap any more, So why not join them, Only don't publish it on your blog where it will only be read by fellow geeks who are going to agree with you any way, because only they truly know what is being lost, but tell you friends and why not tell the RIAA or MPAA how you are fed up of this crap.

Or how you hate being treated like a criminal yet you are the one who is actual buying there product, After all who would by a crappy crippled product that they can steal for freely, and do a million and one things with it.

It just makes no sense, then don't deserver to make a profit never mind have a job!

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