Wednesday, August 24, 2005

PSP 2 News

Don't update your PSP to 2.0!

Over at the Make Blog, Phillip Torrone warns that the PSP 2.0 is a piece of crippleware that'll prevent you from using any homebrewed mods. Over the next day and week you'll hear about the new PSP 2.0 update from all the usual places, but don't update- really. There are a couple new features, like a web browser, image transfer/wallpaper, some other video and network tweaks -- but it's a yawn. You'll lose all the amazing homebrew playing capability, emulators and cool applications the PSP makers are cranking out -- so don't do it -- it's just not worth it, it removes fun (until the version 2.0 firmware can play homebrew, then it's ok to update).

Saw this on boing boing the other day so thoguth I would point it out, just incase as PSP2's are now starting to ship in the uk.

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